Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Future of Music?

Music. Copyright. There's little doubt that the music industry is in a period of transformation. Today's news is that Universal Music is willing to "compete with free" by letting a site called Spiral Frog experiment with an ad-supported distribution model, permitting "free" downloads that are tethered to the site with technological protection measures (a.k.a. DRM).

Meanwhile, the debate about business models has gone audiovisual. For the defense of the traditional model, watch the RIAA's latest, Campus Downloading, at

For the opposing case, watch MC Lars', "Download This Song," at or at (points for those who can identify the song this is built on or the guest vocalist).

And for parody's sake, there's always Weird Al, at

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Sitora Nekto said...

It's difficult to say something in such case... Simply different directions will always compete with each other... anyway nterestin