Friday, December 07, 2007

Please support Creative Commons

This has been a big year for Creative Commons:
  • The amount of cultural works shared under a CC license continues to grow rapidly;
  • Volunteers from more countries have ported CC licenses to work within their respective legal systems;
  • Technology companies increasingly want to incorporate CC licenses into their business models;
  • Our Science Commons project has made substantial progress on a tool for standardizing the exchange of biological materials for research and on demonstrating the power of the Semantic Web for open access; and
  • We launched our ccLearn initiative with generous support from the Hewlett Foundation to give particular focus to the role that CC licenses play and can play in the creation and sharing of educational materials.
All of this requires the time and energy of our very talented staff, who, it turns out, require food, clothing, and shelter in order to do the great work they do. For that reason, I ask that you please contribute to the Creative Commons annual campaign and help spread the word.

We have great projects in the pipeline, but we can only bring these to fruition with your support. Thank you and seasons greetings.

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